OffshoreHosting Space Terms and Conditions

Yours Sincerely OffShore Hosting Space

RULES/TOS 1. No Child Porn, No torrents, No CPU Abusive Scripts, No botnets, And no scanning on any of our servers! 2. No Charge backs, All sales are final, If you do so, you will be blacklisted from ordering from us ever again. 3. No mail spamming from our servers. 4. Terrorism / Hate speech is not allowed on any of our servers. 5. Rapidleech/Torrent scripts are banned on our shared hosting plans. 6. Refunds on shared hosting can only be requested within 5 days, VPS plans are non-refundable under any circumstances only if it doesn't work at all. 7.) All Botnets will result in an instant suspension don't even try host them with us. 8.) This is web hosting not file storage please refrain from storing any personal files on our Shared web hosting servers. Including allowing the public to download files off your website directly from our server, You may do this on a VPS only. 9.) Phishing sites will not be permitted, will result in a suspension with no refund. 10.) Illegal bruteforcing will result in a suspension with no chance of a refund.

Absolutely no refunds/partial refunds on Domain registrations/transfers or Windows + linux vps due to the costs we incur whilst setting them up.

Also please note we do provide basic DDOS protection on our servers however it is your responsibility to make sure your domain is secured with a 3rd party firewall such as Cloudflare premium or Sucuri, Massive ddos which causes problems for our servers will not be tolerated and will result in a suspension.

Any malicious Activity on any VPS plan which results in your VPS being blocked/IP routed will result in a cancellation of our services to you with no chance of a refund. Failure to comply with our T.O.S will result in an instant suspension with no chance of a refund.